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LOLER inspections

scott phone july 052We can undertake thorough LOLER inspections of Arboricultural climbing and lowering kits, This includes marking equipment where necessary and providing a written report.

LOLER (lifting operations and lifting equipment regulations 1998) requires lifting equipment to be thoroughly examined. This means a detailed examination by a competent person who has passed an exam and has the appropriate practical and theoretical knowledge and experience to enable them to spot defects or weaknesses in the equipment.

The risks, in arboriculture, which might arise through failure in lifting equipment justifies this independent and impartial examination

Equipment should be examined before each use, have interim recorded inspections(usually weekly) and thorough inspections every 6 months where it is used for lifting people (PPE) and twelve months for rigging equipment

The costs are usually about £65 a kit

The price will depend on travel distances from Kendal, the number of kits to be inspected and the size of the kits

We know it’s difficult to keep up to date with current legislation whilst attempting to earn a living at the same time so take the opportunity of a LOLER inspection to ask questions and get advice on equipment and cofigurations


I am more than pleased with the quality of the work undertaken at my new extention.

Mrs B. King - Kendal